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Last updated:2022-03-22 13:07


ZEGOCLOUD's Live Audio Room solution is a one-stop solution for building full-featured live audio rooms into your apps, including interactive live audio streaming, instant messaging, room management, and in-room controls.

In live audio rooms, users can host, listen in, and join live audio conversations. Users can also interact with each other via text chat, virtual gifting, "bullet screen" messages, and other features. In a single room, there can be up to 50 speakers at the same time and an unlimited number of listeners.

With ZEGOCLOUD's Live Audio Room, you can build different types of live audio apps, such as online werewolf (a voice-based social deduction game), online karaoke, and more.

To know the Live Audio Room solution more intuitively, check our tutorial video: How to build a Live Audio Room app using the ZEGOCLOUD Android SDK.

Basic concepts

  • Host: The user who creates a room will be the host of the room. By default, the host occupies a speaker seat and has control over who can speak in the room.
  • Speaker: Speakers are users who have permission to speak in a room.
  • Listener: Listeners are users who listen to a room but have no permission to speak.
  • Speaker seat: Speaker seats are virtual seats in a live audio room representing the permission to speak in the room. Only users in the speaker seats can turn on their mic and speak in the room.
  • Invite to speak: The host of a room can invite any listeners in the room to be a speaker.
  • Take a speaker seat: A listener can take or be invited to a speaker seat to become a speaker.
  • Leave a speaker seat: A speaker can leave or be removed from a speaker seat and become a listener.
  • "Bullet screen" chat: Users in a room can interact with each other by sending "bullet screen" messages—real-time text messages or emojis that fly across the screen like bullets.
  • Virtual gifting: Users in a live audio room can send virtual gifts to each other.
  • "Zoombombing" prevention: For live audio rooms, "Zoombombing" prevention means to prevent listeners in a room from being able to speak directly without taking a speaker seat through the speaker seat management mechanism.

Use cases

At the core of the Live Audio Room solution, it provides the capabilities that enable multiple users to interact through live streaming audio. So it can be used in many different use cases that require such capabilities.

Use case Description
Drop-in audio chat
Let users create or join live audio rooms of different topics, where they can host or join a spontaneous live conversation, or just listen in quietly.
Online live karaoke
Creates online karaoke rooms that deliver a singing experience like in a real karaoke room. Let users pick songs as they wish, sing together with friends or take turns, comment on others' performances, and more.
Online blind dating
Create live audio rooms for online blind dating, where the match-maker as the host of the room can control the whole dating process, such as self-introduction, warm-up games, etc., to provide an easy and smooth blind dating experience.
Voice-based social games
Create voice chat rooms for various voice-based social games such as online werewolf and murder mystery games. Customize the speaker seat capacity and the order of speaking according to the game rules.
In-game voice chat
Create in-game voice chat rooms for gamers to team up and communicate through voice chat in real-time while playing games, providing gamers a better gaming experience.

Why ZEGOCLOUD's Live Audio Room

High-quality, low-latency, and reliable live audio streaming

  • Reliable and smooth communications under weak network conditions
  • Crystal-clear real-time audio
  • Global reach with ultra-low latency
  • Stable services and support for massive concurrency to ensure optimal peak hour performance

State-of-the-art solutions

  • Comprehensive live audio features for a wide variety of uses cases
  • Interactive live audio streaming and instant messaging capabilities encapsulated into one solution
  • Business-oriented APIs that let you build business features easily with simple API calls
  • Audio configurations that best fit the live audio use cases

"Zoombombing" prevention

  • Use token authentication in the whole process to ensure only users who have proper permission can speak in the room.
  • Support for limiting the stream publishing permission to users on the speaker seats only.
  • Support for limiting the permissions for listeners to stream playing only.


Function module Feature Description
Room management
Create a room
Enter the room ID and room name to create a live audio room.
Join a room
Users can join a specified live audio room.
Leave a room
Users can leave the current live audio room.
End a room
The Host can end a live audio room when needed.
Speaker seat management
Invite a listener to speak
The host of a room can invite any listeners in the room to take a speaker seat.
Remove a speaker from the speaker seat
The host of a room can remove any speakers in the room from the speaker seat so they will become a listener.
Close a speaker seat
The host can close an unoccupied speaker seat. Users can't take a seat that is closed.
Block a listener
The host of a room can block a specified listener in the room. The listener who is blocked can't take a speaker seat to speak.
Mute/Unmute a speaker
The host of a room can mute or unmute a speaker in the room when needed.
Instant messaging
"Bullet screen" chat
Participants in a room can send "bullet screen" messages in the room to interact with each other.
Virtual gifting
Participants in a room can send virtual gifts to specified users in the room as they wish.
Cross-room gift notification
Send cross-room broadcasting notifications when high-value gifts are sent.
Core capabilities
Stream publishing
Speakers in a room can publish their live audio streams to ZEGOCLOUD‘s real-time communications network.
Stream playing
Listeners in a room can play live audio streams from ZEGOCLOUD‘s real-time communications network.
Stream mixing
Combine the live audio streams of multiple speakers in a room into one single stream.
Room signaling
Send and receive various types of signaling messages in the room.
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