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Last updated:2022-08-12 15:16


ZEGO Live is a one-stop product that you can use to build interactive live streaming experiences. You can create single-host, multi-host live streaming sessions with audio effects, face beautification, and more features provided by ZEGOCLOUD.

With ZEGO Live, users can create a live room to host, watch live video streaming events, invite participants in the live room to co-host, and more. Participants can send text messages to interact with the host and co-hosts in real time.

ZEGO Live can cover typical scenarios include live video streaming, live online classes, live-stream shopping/e-commerce, or live game streaming.

Basic concepts

  • Host: The user who creates a live room will be the host of the room. By default, the host can start a live and has control over who can speak in the room.
  • Participant: Participants are users who watch the live stream but have no permission to speak.
  • Co-host: Co-hosts are users who have permission to speak in a room.
  • Co-host seat: Co-host seats are virtual seats in a live room representing the permission to speak in the room. Only users in the co-host seats can turn on their mic and speak in the room.
  • Make co-hosts: The host of a room can invite any participants in the room to be a co-host.
  • Request to co-host: A participant can request to take a co-host seat to become a co-host.
  • Leave a co-host seat: A co-host can leave or be removed from a co-host seat and become a participant.
  • Face beautification: A host can set up face beautification features to make him look the way he wants before the live starts.
  • Audio effects: A host can choose music accompaniments and voice effects after the live starts.
  • Virtual gifting: Users in a live room can send virtual gifts to each other.
  • Text chat: Users in a room can interact with host and co-hosts by sending real-time text messages or emojis during live streaming.

Why ZEGO Live

Various live engagement formats

With ZEGO Live and ZEGOCLOUD's AI-powered audio effects, face beautification capabilities, you can create single-host, multi-host, and cross-room co-hosted live streaming sessions to meet the needs of different live engagement scenarios.

Reliable and massively scalable global network

ZEGOCLOUD's real-time communications network covers 200+ countries/regions. With a stable global network scheduling strategy, it delivers real-time audio and video streams to users with high quality.

Superior audio and video quality under weak networks

Stream high-quality live video with 4K definition and crystal-clear live audio with 48kHz full band audio sampling. With ZEGOCLOUD's sophisticated QoS strategies, streams are delivered reliably even at 70% packet loss rate conditions.

Traceable quality statistics and quick response

ZEGO Live provides a set of APIs for you to monitor the streaming quality in real time and provides you with the 7/24 technical support service to help you at any time.


Feature Description
Real-time audio and video You can use to build smooth live streaming experiences with ultra-low latency.
Room list Room list shows the current ongoing live streaming. Users can enter the live room on the list to watch live streaming as wanted.
Create a live room You can create a live room and start your live stream after becoming the host of a room.
Log in to a live room Users need to log in to a live room first to play streams and join co-hosting.
Request to co-host Participants can request to take a co-host seat to be a co-host, and participants can speak and join the live streaming once the host accepts the request.
Make co-hosts The host can invite any participants in the room to co-host, and participants can decline or accept the invitation.
Manage co-host seats The host of a room can remove the co-hosts from the co-host seat, disable or enable the text chat for all participants, and more. 。
Real-time quality analysis
  • Before the live starts, automatically conduct the microphone, camera, and speaker tests.
  • During the live, the streaming quality data and network data are updated in real time.
  • After the live ends, ZEGOCLOUD provides you with the quality analysis platform Analytics Dashboard (AD) and quality report for you to review and check the streaming quality.
Instant messaging With the ZEGOCLOUD IM service, participants can send, receive real-time messages, get notified when new participants join the room or existing participants leave the room, and also can see the interactive notifications in the room.
Audio effects Support setting up the music accompaniments with genuine music, and provide rich audio effects, including reverb, voice changing, and more.
Face beautify Provide Face beautification feature to make you look more presentable: skin tone enhancement, skin smoothing, image sharping, cheek blusher, and more.
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