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Sample app

Last updated:2022-04-22 12:12

Sample app

Here we provide you with a sample application to experience the following core features of ZEGO Call:

  • Make outbound voice calls
  • Make outbound video calls
  • Incoming call notification
  • Configure devices during a call

The source codes are available on Github to enable you to build your first ZEGO Call application.

UI reference

The main UIs of the sample app and their corresponding classes in the source code are as follows:



  1. GoogleLoginActivity: The user login page. After successful login, EntryActivity will be redirected. And after successful login and before the login information expires, restart the sample app will skip this page and display the EntryActivity directly.

  2. EntryActivity: The homepage of ZEGO Call. You will jump to the online user list page after tapping the One-on-one call card.

  3. OnlineUserActivity: The online user list page. You will jump to the calling page after tapping the voice call or video call button on the right side.

  4. CallActivity: The calling page. Different UI will be displayed for different call types. This page contains in the CallUIKit.

    a. The UI when you make an outbound call. You will see different calling pages according to the call type after the call is connected.

    b. The UI that you see in a voice call.

    c. The UI that you see in a video call.

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