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Error codes

Last updated:2022-06-29 12:12


If authentication-related errors occur during SDK running, the SDK cannot rectify the errors automatically. Process the errors by referring to this document. If the ErrorCode field exists in the return result after an API is called, the API call is abnormal. The sample code is as follows:

- (void)onError:(ZegoAvatarErrorCode)code desc:(NSString *)desc {
    NSLog(@"onErrorCallBack code:%ld  description:%@", (long)code, desc);
Error code Possible cause and solutions
0 Operation succeeded.
5000001 Invalid license format. Ensure that the license is correct.
5000002 License has expired. Please re-generate a license.
5000004 The license does not include authorization of the current platform. Contact ZEGOCLOUD technical support.
5000005 The current application does not support this license.
5000006 Authentication is not performed during AvatarService initialization. During AvatarService initialization, introduce the license. Other operations can be performed only after authentication is successful.
5000201 The license does not include authorization of the Automatic avatar generation feature. Contact ZEGOCLOUD technical support.
5000202 The license does not include authorization of the Manual avatar creation and Styles and materials features. Contact ZEGOCLOUD technical support.
5000203 The license does not include authorization of the facial expression mirroring feature. Contact ZEGOCLOUD technical support.
5000204 No available license. Check whether authentication is successful.
5000205 The file in the specified path does not exist. Check whether the path is correct.
6000001 An error occurred during recording output file creation. Process it based on the error information of the startRecord callback.
6000002 An error occurred during recording. Data of a frame may fail to be recorded. Try again or contact ZEGOCLOUD technical support for processing.
6000003 The current file is being recorded. End the current recording first.
6000004 The set recording width is incorrect. The recording width cannot be greater than the avatarView width.
6000005 The mobile phone hardware does not support recording. Change the device.
6000006 A hardware configuration error occurred during recording. Change the device and try again.
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