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Last updated:2023-04-17 18:54

ZEGOCLOUD's Virtual Avatar allows users to customize their avatars by choosing the default avatars or creating their own avatars. It provides facial expression mirroring, speech simulation, and other capabilities, enabling real-time interactions with real humans. The ZegoAvatar SDK can be widely used in apps for voice chat, live streaming, social media interaction, online training, and other scenarios.

Main features

Feature Description
Automatic avatar generation
  • Detects facial features when users take a selfie with the camera or upload a photo.
  • Utilizes the massive analysis of human faces, trained AI algorithms, and virtual images created by art design to generate avatars that greatly resemble real faces.
Manual avatar creation
  • Allows users to manually adjust the parameters of face parts, such as the size of eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Synthesizes all the parameters into a custom virtual face and creates an exclusive avatar.
Clothing and styles
  • Provides makeup accessories (such as cosmetic contact lenses, lipsticks, glasses, and beards) and other cosmetic kits.
  • Renders virtual images in real time and applies the selected effects.
Facial expression mirroring
  • Captures facial expression changes with a camera in real time.
  • Renders users' facial expressions as avatars in real time based on accurate detection of facial keypoints and 52 basic facial expression dimensions, including the face, tongue, and eyeball.
Speech simulation Drives a virtual avatar to change its mouth shapes in real time based on the sound waves of a voice, creating an avatar that can express its emotions like a real person.
Body synchronization Real-time capture of the user's body movements in front of the camera, supporting the real-time rotation and movement of the virtual avatar’s upper body position with the position of the real human upper body.
AR avatar Using the Avatar head model provided by ZEGO, the virtual image is blended with the real camera video. Users can customize the Avatar headgear, output the blended texture, and draw the texture to the client device or push it to the server.
Talking avatar Supports real-time driving of virtual avatar facial movements and corresponding audio playback after text-to-speech conversion by inputting text.
Gesture recognition Based on leading human keypoint recognition technology, the SDK can capture users' hand movements in real-time and recognize hand postures.

Applicable scenarios

Scenario Description
Voice chat and live streaming The ZegoAvatar SDK can be widely used in apps for voice chat, live streaming, and other entertainment scenarios, enabling real-time human-avatar interaction between humans and avatars and making apps more playable and interesting.
Social media interaction The ZegoAvatar SDK can be widely used in apps for chats with strangers, blind dates, and other social scenarios, where users can customize their own avatars as a means of relieving appearance anxieties and expressing personalities.
Online training The ZegoAvatar SDK can be widely used in apps for online training and other multi-user interaction scenarios, where users can participate in the training using the avatars at any time to feel more comfortable with the training.



The ZegoAvatar SDK can accurately capture facial expressions and ensure real-time rendering of facial expressions as avatars based on 52 basic facial expression dimensions.

Custom image

The ZegoAvatar SDK allows users to generate with one click avatars that perfectly capture their features when they take a selfie with the camera or upload a photo. It also allows users to create personalized images and provides a massive volume of material libraries in the Makeup and Clothes module.

Free to customize

The ZegoAvatar SDK provides a standard process of avatar customization, which allows users to customize avatars by combining their enterprise elements and personalized material libraries.

Available platforms

Platform SDK Compatibility
iOS Available iOS 11.0 or later
Android Available Android 5.1 or later
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