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Last updated:2023-03-30 14:41

In-app Chat Kit is a UI component library based on the In-app Chat SDK. It provides general UI components, such as the chat list, one-on-one chat, and group chat. You can use In-app Chat Kit to quickly build custom IM applications based on actual business requirements.

In addition to implementing UI features, components of the In-app Chat Kit can call related API methods of the In-app Chat SDK to implement logic and data processing related to the In-app Chat. With this In-app Chat Kit, you only need to focus on the business logic or personalized extension.


In-app Chat Kit supports the following features:

  • Create one-on-one chats or group chats and join group chats.
  • Chat with others through one-to-one or group messages.
  • Send text messages.
  • Send rich media messages, such as images, voice messages, videos, and files.
  • Select multiple messages and delete messages.
  • Show message prompts on the notification bar
  • Set user avatars

Supported platforms

In-app Chat Kit can be used on Android, iOS, Web, and React Native client apps.


Advantage Description
UI component decoupling 
Components of the In-app Chat Kit can run independently. You can select and integrate components into your app as required to implement related UI features and reduce useless dependencies.
Simple and easy-to-use UI capabilities
 The business logic layer and UI layer of In-app Chat Kit are independent of each other. At the UI layer, you only need to focus on view display and event processing. Clear data forwarding and processing of In-app Chat Kit ensure simple and easy-to-use code at the UI layer.
Comprehensive business logic processing
The business logic layer of In-app Chat Kit provides comprehensive business logic processing capability. You do not need to care about complex processing logic between different APIs at the SDK layer. One API at the business logic layer can help you handle the SDK layer. 

Component effect

  • Conversation list page (conversation component)
  • One-on-one chat page (message component)
  • Group chat page (message component)

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