Live Streaming Kit
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Last updated:2022-09-09 19:08

Live Streaming Kit is a feature-rich livestream component, which enables you to build custom live streaming into your apps with only a few lines of code. And you can also customize various live streaming features by configuring parameters.

Host Audience

When do you need the Live Streaming Kit

  • Build apps faster and easier

    When you want to prototype live streaming ASAP and consider speed or efficiency as the first priority.

  • Customize UI as needed

    When you want to customize the UI based on your actual business needs, and don't want to waste time developing basic features.

Embedded features

  • Ready-to-use live streaming
  • Customizable UI style
  • Real-time interactive text chat
  • Real-time audience capacity display
  • Device management
  • Extendable menu bar
I want to get started:
Follow the steps to get started swiftly.

To configure prebuilt UI for a custom experience:

Custom Prebuilt UI
I want to get the Sample Code:
Click the botton below to get the complete sample code.

To finest-grained build a livestream, you may try antoher one:

Live Streaming SDK