Video Calling
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Last updated:2021-04-25 20:24

1 Scene Introduction

A typical use case of a real-time video scene is a member in the same room who has one-to-one or more people real-time video conversations. For example, flash chat, multi person video conference, online education, etc.

2 Function list

Major function Function description
Log in to room Use the identity of the host or the audience to log in to the room to identify whether to live or watch only in the future.
Publish stream Users in the room can broadcast their own music and paintings live.
Play stream Users can watch other people's music and paintings.

Please note that if developers want to use the zegoliveroom SDK to achieve more advanced functions, such as mixing, audio recording, external acquisition, external rendering, external filter, etc. Please refer to the video and audio advanced functions of the zegoliveroom SDK directly.