Voice Calling
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Last updated:2021-04-25 20:24

1 Scene Introduction

A typical use case for real-time voice scenarios is for members in the same room to have real-time voice conversations. Zego provides support for real-time voice scenarios. It is recommended that developers follow the quick start-integration and gradually become familiar with and master the use and development of real-time voice technology.

2 Function List

The main function Functional description
Log in to the room The user needs to log in to the room before proceeding with the subsequent push-pull streams.
Push streams Users can push their own audio stream out
Pull streams Users can pull audio stream from other users
media Player Users can play background music locally, or push out background music at the same time.
Voice change and reverb Provide a variety of preset sound changes and reverb effects, while supporting flexible adjustment of tone, reverb parameters and other effects.
Binaural Supports setting up dual channels.

Please note that if developers want to use the Express Audio SDK to implement more advanced functions, such as mixing and audio recording, please directly refer to the advanced features of the Express Audio SDK.