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Last updated:2021-04-25 20:24

1 Prepare the Environment

Please ensure that the development environment meets the following technical requirements:

2 Download SDK

Please download the Publish Stream SDK from ZegoLiveRoom Windows. Please download the capture SDK from ZegoScreenCapture Windows.

3 Integrated SDK

3.1 SDK Directory Description

The SDK contains two directories, each of which contains the following files.

  1. include directory---------------Include SDK header files, API specific parameters, and instructions
  2. libs directory--------------------contains the .lib and .dll files of the SDK

3.2 Project Settings

Add the include directory to the header file search path

  • Right-click the project directory option "Properties"-->"C/C++"-->"General"-->Add the include directory in the additional include directory.

Add the libs\Release directory to the library search path

  • Right-click the project directory option "Properties"-->"Linker"-->"General"-->Add the libs directory to the additional library directory

  • Right-click the project directory option "Properties"-->"Linker"-->"Input"-->Add ZegoScreenCapture.lib to additional dependencies

Copy ZegoScreenCapture.dll to the directory where the binary run file is located