Large Classes
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Last updated:2022-03-22 13:06

1 Introduction

In a large live class, a teacher can teach thousands of students simultaneously via live video streaming. ZEGO's large class solution can be used for a wide variety of scenarios, including K-12 classes, language training, professional skills training, exam prep courses, hobbies lessons, and many other large-scale live classes.


2 Features

Feature Description
Real-time Audio and Video Teachers can deliver lessons to a large number of students via live video streaming. Students can interact with the teacher via real-time audio and video when needed, and such interactions are also streamed live to all other students in the class.
Collaborative Whiteboard An interactive online whiteboard where teachers can write and draw to explain concepts and ideas, and interact with the students. Students can also use the whiteboard to interact with the teacher and other students.
File Sharing Supports teachers to use different types of courseware to make the lessons more fun and engaging.
Screen Sharing Allows teachers to share their computer screen, a selected window on the screen, or a selected portion of the screen with the students for more effective teaching.
Real-time Messaging Allows teachers and students to send real-time text messages during the class.
Classroom Management Allows teachers to start/end the class and manage students' use of their microphones, cameras, and instant messaging during the class.
Recording and Playback Records the live content of the class for after-class playback and class quality evaluation.

3 Solution Architecture

The diagram below illustrates how you can use ZEGO's SDKs and services to build virtual classrooms for large class scenarios.

/Pics/Smallclass class structure diagram.png

SDK or Service Description
ZEGO Express Video SDK Allows you to build real-time audio and video capabilities into your native and web applications, supporting all client-side processing from audio/video capture, preview, to stream publishing and playback.
ZegoDocsView SDK Enables your native and web applications with the ability to convert common file formats to vector formats, PNG, PDF, HTML5, or other formats that are viewable across different platforms and render the files for display.
ZegoWhiteboardView SDK Adds whiteboard collaboration features into your native and web applications, providing a rich set of whiteboard tools such as pens, shapes, erasers, and laser pointers.
ZEGO Real-Time Audio and Video Cloud Service Delivers smooth and high-quality audio and video streams to users on different devices and platforms with ultra-low latency globally, supporting massive concurrency with elastic scaling.
ZEGO GoClass Backend Service Provides online classroom features such as class information management and permission management.
ZEGO File Sharing Cloud Service Transcodes files from mainstream formats to platform-independent formats without losing any file content, layout, or animations.
ZEGO File Cloud Storage Stores transcoded and encrypted files in the cloud, with robust data security and disaster recovery.
ZEGO Collaborative Whiteboard Cloud Service Enables real-time whiteboard interactions and audio-video synchronization aross all participants.
ZEGO Cloud Recording Service Records and save live class content on the cloud for on-demand playback. You can choose to record each audio/video stream and the whiteboard of a live class separately, or record them all together to a single file, or even split the audio and video for recording.

4 Advantages

1. Open-source demo projects for all supported platforms to save your development efforts significantly.

We offer open-source demo projects for all supported platforms to save you significant development work and shorten your time to market. With just a little extra development work, these demo projects can be adapted into your own product and be up and running in a short time.

2. Easy-to-use back-end servcie to support your business operations.

If you do not have sufficient back-end development resources, we can provide you with business back-end source code that you can use to deploy easy-to-use back-end services, and you can maintain the back-end data themselves, such as data related to users entering/leaving a virtual classroom, class duration, user roles, according to your operational needs.

3. Rich classroom features to meet diverse online teaching needs.

We provide collaborative whiteboard, screen sharing, file sharing, and other features to meet the diverse online teaching needs.

4. Live-to-VOD recording for business operational needs and class quality evaluations.

We have recording services to help you record and save live class content for on-demand playback. Such recordings can be used to meet various operational needs, such as using them as pre-recorded lessons for paid access or using them for class quality evaluations.

5. Support massive concurrency with elastic capacity scaling.

Our system architecture supports massive concurrency with elastic capacity scaling. A single live streaming session can easily scale to tens of thousands of concurrent viewers.

6. Global coverage with stable and smooth streaming services.

With 500+ nodes deployed worldwide, our real-time network covers 200+ countries and territories, delivering stable and smooth live audio and video to end-users around the globe.

7. Excellent cross-platform compatibility.

  • Support all major platforms and development frameworks, including Windows, macOS, Web, iOS, Android, Electron, and more.
  • Fully compatible with 15,000+ device models, ensuring a consistent viewing experience across different devices and platforms.