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Last updated:2022-03-22 13:06

1 Prerequisites

The current SDK only supports Electron 5.x.x version.

2 Compatibility Description

The operating systems currently supported by the SDK are as follows:

Platform Remarks
Windows ✓, compatible with Windows 7 and above
macOS ✓, compatible with macOS 10.10 and above

3 Integrated SDK

3.1 Install SDK

In the project directory, execute the following command in the command line to install the latest version of the SDK.

npm install zego-express-docsview-electron --save

When you execute npm install to install the SDK, if the download of the npm official website image is slow, you can switch to the domestic image.

3.2 Introducing SDK

Use the following code to introduce the SDK into the project.

  const ZegoExpressDocs = window.require('zego-express-docsview-electron')