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Error codes

Last updated:2022-03-22 13:06

4000xxx General errors

General errors may occur on any API request, mainly due to network issues and authentication issues.

Error code Error prompt Description Possible cause Suggested troubleshooting
0 ZegoRoomKitSuccess Request executed successfully. Not applicable. Not applicable.
4000001 ZegoRoomKitErrorInternal SDK internal error. Incorrect room status. Contact ZEGO technical support for assistance. You will need to provide the Room ID for investigation.
4000002 ZegoRoomKitErrorParamInvalid Parameter error. The request contains incorrect parameters. Check and find out which parameter caused the issue.
4000003 ZegoRoomKitErrorNetworkError Network error. Network connection issues Troubleshoot your network connection.
4000004 ZegoRoomKitErrorNetworkTimeout Network timeout. Network connection issues Troubleshoot your network connection.
4000006 ZegoRoomKitErrorRequestTooFrequent Requests too frequent. The client has sent too many requests in a given amount of time. Check the rate limit of the API and adjust your app's API request frequency accordingly.
4000007 ZegoRoomKitErrorPermissionDenied No permission. The current user has no permission to perform the operation. Check whether the user's role is correct.
4000008 ZegoRoomKitErrorTokenError Token verification failed. Token is invalid or has expired. Check the token generation and verification logic and the validity period. For details, see Get SDK access token.
Error code Error prompt Description Possible cause Suggested troubleshooting
4020003 ZegoRoomKitErrorLocked Room locked The room is configured as a private room while the current user is not on the attendee list. Check whether the room is set as a private room. For details about room settings, see Update room settings.
4020007 ZegoRoomKitErrorNameError User name error The user name is too long. Check whether the user name exceeds 40 characters.
4020008 ZegoRoomKitErrorMemberFull The room is full and can't accept more participants. The number of users in the room has reached the room's capacity. Expand the room capacity or remove some members.
You can set the room capacity when creating the room (see Create room) or updating the room settings (see Update room settings). If not specified, the default room capacities for different room types are:
  • One-on-One Room: 3 people, including one Host, one Assistant, and one Attendee
  • Small Room: 500 people
  • Large Room: 10,000 people
4020009 ZegoRoomKitErrorAsssitantFull No more Assistants can be accepted into the room. The number of Assistants in the room has reached the room's limit. Remove some existing Assistants or contact ZEGO technical support to increase the maximum number of Assistants allowed in the room (the default value is 100).
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