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Last updated:2021-04-25 20:24

1 Introduction

ZEGO's GoChat is a group voice chat solution for building live voice chat rooms. GoChat supports up to 50 speakers to interact on the stage while having a large audience from around the world, delivering stutter-free live conversations with crystal-clear voice.

2 GoChat vs. Traditional Voice Chat Solutions

Comparison Item Traditional Voice Chat Solutions GoChat
Number of Speaker Seats A small and fixed number. A configurable number, up to 50.
Maximum number of users in a room Less. More - from dozens to thousands.
Focus on Interactivity and fun. Audio quality, speaker seat management, high concurrency, mic switching (on/off), room switching, content moderation.
Use cases Party up in games online werewolf, online radio. Live chats and interviews, live open discussions, livestream concerts.

3 Features

Feature Description
Real-Time Voice Support multiparty real-time voice interactions.
Speaker Seat Management Support a variety of speaker seat operations, including:
take a seat, leave a seat, put on a seat, and others.
Room Management Support a variety of room operations, including:
create a room, join a room, leave a room, end a room, and others.
Sound Effects Support custom audio processing and sound effects such as voice changing, stereo sound, and reverberation.
Voice Focusing Optimize sound quality for a specific user (the focus).

4 Advantages

1. Supports a single channel to scale to millions of listens easily

With GoChat, you can have up to 50 active speakers on the stage at the same time. Our system is designed to support rapid capacity expansion and sudden user volume spikes, allowing for a single live channel to scale to millions of concurrent listeners.

2. High-quality audio

Our independently-developed media engine delivers industry-leading performance in Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS), and Automatic Gain Control, which supports stereo sound, full-band audio capture and encoding, powering low-latency voice interactions with high-fidelity audio quality.

3. Fun and engaging sound effects

With professional sound effect algorithms, GoChat supports voice beautification, voice changing, reverberations, and other fun and engaging sound effects.

4. Multi-level protection against chat-bombing

GoChat provides multiple ways to keep the chat rooms in good order, including room access authentication, stream publishing authentication, user kick-out, and putting specified users on mute.

5. Audio content moderation to ensure content compliance

GoChat can provide accurate and efficient identification of improper audio content that violating the rules and regulations to ensure content compliance.

6. Global coverage with reliable services

With 500+ nodes deployed globally, ZEGO's network provides a stable and smooth real-time voice experience to end-users in 200+ countries and territories worldwide.