Server APIs v2
  • Server APIs overview
  • Accessing Server APIs
  • Room signaling
  • Stream mixing
  • Streaming moderation
  • Streaming control
  • Cloud recording
  • Server callbacks
  • Return codes
  • API testing

Server APIs v2 overview

Last updated:2022-03-22 13:07

ZEGO's Cloud Communication Service Server APIs version 2 is a major upgrade. The new version supports proximity-based service access globally. With a unified authentication method, standardized parameters, and public error codes, it is easier to use.

  1. Later new features will be added to v2 only. So, we recommend you use Server APIs v2 in your project. For the detailed specifications of the APIs, click the links listed in the following sections.

  2. The old version of the Server APIs will no longer be updated. For the documentation of the old version, see Server APIs v1.

Room signaling

Method Description
SendBroadcastMessage Sends a text message to all users in a room.
SendBarrageMessage Sends a text message to all users in a room without guaranteeing the message delivery.
SendCustomCommand Sends a custom signaling message to one or more specified users in a room.
KickoutUser Kicks a user out of a room.
AddStream Adds a stream to a room.
DeleteStream Deletes a stream from a room.
DescribeSimpleStreamList Obtains a stream list.

Streaming mixing

Method Description
StartMix Starts stream mixing.
StopMix Stops stream mixing.

Streaming control

Method Description
ForbidCDNLiveStream Forbids a stream to be published to CDN.
ResumeCDNLiveStream Re-enables a forbidden stream to be published to CDN.
ForbidRTCStream Forbids a stream on RTC Server.
ResumeRTCStream Resumes a stream on RTC Server.
DescribeRTCStreamState Gets a stream status on RTC Server.
CreatCDNTransferRule Starts forwarding a stream to CDN.
DeleteCDNTransferRule Stops forwarding a stream to CDN.
ClearCDNTransferRule Clears tasks of stream forwarding to CDN.

Cloud recording

Method Description
StartCDNRecrod Starts recording specified live streams on CDN.
StopCDNRecord Stops recording specified live streams on CDN.
SearchMedia Searches for recorded files on CDN.
DeleteMedia Deletes recorded files from CDN.
MergeMedia Merges recorded files on CDN.