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Last updated:2022-04-22 10:38

The ZegoEffects SDK provides various AI-powered real-time video effects, including face beautification, AR effects, image segmentation, and more. You can use the ZegoEffects SDK for a wide range of use cases, such as social and entertainment live streaming, online education, and camera tools.

Main features

Feature Description
Face beautification Skin smoothing, skin tone enhancement, eyes brightening, teeth whitening, eye bags and dark circles removal, freckle removal, acne removal, and more.
Face makeup Virtual face makeup: lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyelashes, eyebrows, foundation, blusher, and more.
Face shape retouch Advanced face shape retouch based on accurate facial keypoints detection and 3D face models: cheeks/nose/chin slimming, eyes enlarging, eye distance adjustment, mouth shape adjustment, and more.
Filters A rich set of beautiful image and video filters with different styles: fresh, soft, Japanese, forest, light effects, and more.
AR effects (coming soon) A variety of AR special effects, including 2D/3D stickers and face stickers, with outstanding robustness to produce an excellent result with complex backgrounds, illumination changes, and exaggerated postures.
Image segmentation Multiple image segmentation capabilities: portrait segmentation, green screen segmentation, hair segmentation, and head segmentation.

Use cases

Use case Description
Live streaming You can use ZegoEffects for different live streaming use cases, including social and entertainment live streaming, live game streaming, video conferencing, and more, enhancing your live streaming apps with real-time face detection, face beautification, video filters, and many other powerful features.
Photographing Use ZegoEffects to build a wide variety of camera apps, providing users with amazing beauty features and interesting stickers.
Short video Use ZegoEffects to build short video apps and mobile phone video recording apps that enable users to shoot and edit videos in their personalized way.
Video production ZegoEffects is a powerful tool in professional video production, providing video filters, stickers, and many other features, accelerating your video production while reducing your cost.


Powerful and stable face recognition

With massive human face data analysis and training, the ZegoEffects SDK can accurately detect 148 facial keypoints, enabling accurate virtual face makeup and facial features adjustment.

Industry-leading AI algorithms

High-precision human body detection and keypoint positioning algorithms, suitable for selfies, general video shooting, and other more complicated scenarios.

Stable portrait feature tracking

Keep track of portrait features even the subject's face or body turns or moves quickly, ensuring virtual makeup, special effects, and image segmentation are applied accurately in such situations.

More accurate virtual face makeup

Through intensive training and iterative fine-tuning of facial keypoint detection, the ZegoEffects SDK provides more accurate and natural-looking virtual face makeup.


Platform Compatibility
iOS iOS 13.0 or later
Android Android 7.0 or later
Windows Windows 8 or later
macOS macOS 10.11 or later
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