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Why can't I turn on the camera?

Products / Plugins:Video Call / Voice Call / Live Streaming

Platform / Framework:iOS / Android / Web

Last updated:2021-11-22 17:23

There are many causes for this situation. You can refer to the following steps for further check:

  1. Check whether the camera has hardware problems.

    Open the system embedded video app to check whether it can be used for recording.

  1. Check whether the camera permission is enabled.

    • For Android and iOS apps: Check the camera permission in the System Setting.
    • For Android apps: Camera permission can also be managed in some security software.
    • For Web apps: Device permissions can only be obtained in the HTTPS or localhost environments.
  2. Check whether the camera is occupied by other apps.

    If the camera is occupied by other apps, shut down the app and restart the phone.

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