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What is the difference between ZEGO live streaming and common CDN + RTMP live streaming technologies?

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Last updated:2021-09-26 15:11

The CDN + RTMP live streaming technology usually publishes streams using the RTMP protocol, and converts to HTTP-FLV protocol when playing streams, which enables the live streaming can be played directly on the web pages.

Different from the most common CDN + RTMP live streaming technologies, ZEGO's live streaming solutions enable real-time communication between the host and the audience to reach dedicated access line alike quality by using the following technologies:

  • Private transmission protocol
  • Private transmission algorithm
  • BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) multipath

The table below shows the differences in detail:

Technology Common CDN + RTMP live streaming ZEGO live streaming
Transmission protocol TCP-based RTMP The UDP-based private transmission protocol
Transmission algorithm TCP The ZEGO private algorithm with anti-packet loss, bandwidth adaptable technologies.
Network path Single path BGP multipath

To meet various live streaming needs, ZEGO now supports forwarding streams to multiple CDNs, and sharing your live streaming to social media.

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