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How to deal with the echo issue?

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Last updated:2022-08-12 15:29

The ZEGOCLOUD SDK provides the Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) feature to remove echoes during an audio or video call, which can be applied to most scenarios and devices. If the echo issue occurs, refer to the following steps:

1 Troubleshooting

Generally, when you hear an echo, it's because the AEC feature of the person you're talking to is disabled.

In a multi-party call, you can turn off the microphone of the other party in turn to determine which party is generating the echo.

  • If you are using the echo cancellation feature provided by the device but the effect is not satisfied, contact ZEGOCLOUD technical support. After confirmation, we can disable the device's built-in echo cancellation feature, and then enable the AEC feature provided by the ZEGOCLOUD's SDK.

  • If you are using the AEC feature provided by the ZEGOCLOUD's SDK, the echo issue may occur when the CPU is in high load or the capturing and playback threads are blocked. In this case, you can check the following for troubleshooting:

    1. Check whether the CPU is overloaded or reaches an excessive value at a certain moment.

    2. Check whether you used the audio pre-processing or audio post-processing features. If yes, you need to check whether the pre-processing or post-processing operation is blocked. (Generally, these two processing operations are completed within 10ms and returned the result.)

  • If you are in a co-hosting scenario, the echo issue may occur when you played a mixed stream that contains the streams from the peer end and your own streams.

2 Monitor streaming quality using the Analytics Dashboard(AD)

To monitor the streaming quality of the audio or video call, use the Analytics Dashboard provided by ZEGOCLOUD Admin Console. For more information, see Analytics Dashboard - Problem analysis.

3 Contact us

If issues keep unsolved, contact ZEGOCLOUD technical support and provide the following information to locate the source of the problem.

Information Details
ID of the room where the audio echo appears (roomID).
ID of the user that hears the echo (userID).
The specific time period during which audio echo occurs.
SDK logs.
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