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Common audio issues?

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Last updated:2021-09-24 15:58

How to deal with the noise/whistlers when there is no stream playing ongoing and only enabled the local preview of the published streams on the Web platform?

To prevent the repeated sound collection during the local preview and the echo, you need to set the mute property of the target video to true.

Why there is an audio bit rate in playQualityUpdate on the Web platform, but no sound came out after the stream playing succeeds?

Check whether the muted property of the video tag object of the played stream has been set properly.

  • true: Silent mode

  • false: Unsilent mode

How to realize audio-only scenario when publishing streams on Web platform?

Use this configuration zg.createStream({camera:{audio:true,video:false}}) in the createStream method. After configuration, the browser only asks for microphone permission, and only audio streams will be published.

How to mute a specified stream or all streams when playing streams?

  1. To mute a specified stream, call the setPlayVolume method with the stream ID, and set the volume to 0. To mute multiple streams, call this method in order after stream playing.
  1. To not receive the audio streams of a specified remote user, set the mute property to false when calling the mutePlayStreamAudio. To mute multiple multiple users, call this method in order before or after stream playing.
  1. To mute all streams, call the muteSpeaker method to disable the output of the audio streams. After configuration, the SDK won't play all audio streams when you playing streams and using the media player.

Why the audio stream quality event notifications still are sent when publishing streams after the microphone is turned off (muteMicrophone)?

Because the SDK still publishes muted audio data after the microphone is turned off. This case also happens works for the mutePublishStreamAudio method.

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