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Common issues of the stream mixing

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Last updated:2023-04-27 14:59

If one of the streams breaks when two streams are mixed, will the mixing automatically stop?

  • When initiating a mixing task, the task fails if any input stream does not exist.
  • After a mixing task is successfully initiated, the SDK supports mixing a single stream. If an input stream stops, the mixing task will automatically retry to play the disconnected stream for 90 seconds (the disconnected stream's image stays in the last frame). After 90 seconds, it will no longer retry and you need to manually call the stopMixerTask method to stop the stream mixing task.
  • After a mixing task is successfully initiated, if all input streams stop, the mixing task will automatically stop after 90 seconds.

How to pass the mixing stream name information between different users?

ZegoExpress SDK provides the following two ways:

Note: you can also use their own signaling service to send and receive mixing stream name information.

How to set the background image when mixing the audio-only streams?

It is not supported for now.

To set background images in audio-only scenarios, you will need to contact the ZEGO team for backend configuration.

And this configuration needs to take into account the traffic generated by background image transmission, to which the stream mixing costs will be increased. For more details, you can contact ZEGO technical support for consulting.

When mixing streams, if the sound level "soundLevel" is turned on, it will be transmitted via "SEI". However, some browsers are not compatible with this. To solve the issue of a black screen when playing the stream through "flv.js" in some browsers, please set the parameter "withSoundLevel" to "false" to turn off the sound level function when mixing.

What is the seq value of the Start stream mixing API used for?

For stream mixing tasks initiated with the same "id_name", the size of "seq" will be checked. If the request with a smaller "seq" arrives at the server later, it will not be executed. For tasks with different "id_name", the size of "seq" will not be compared. It is recommended to only initiate and update mixing with one "id_name".

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