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Last updated:2021-09-26 15:22

1. When the Android platform is integrated through "jCenter", the "jCenter" dependency fails, and an error message is displayed: "Failed to resolve: im.zego:express-audio:x.x.x"?

Please confirm whether the SDK version you rely on is the latest, and check the current SDK version through SDK Downloads. If it is not the latest version, the dependency will fail.

2. Why does the SDK fail to load when the Electron platform uses the "Electron-Vue" framework?

The "Vue" framework needs "Webpack" and the "require" parameter of "Webpack" is changed to "window.require".

3. How does the Web platform determine the hardware support and authorization status?

The hardware condition can be obtained through the checkSystemRequirements interface to obtain the "CapabilityDetection" judgment.

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