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Stream mixing issues

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Last updated:2021-09-26 15:20

1. When two streams are mixed, if one of the streams is disconnected, will the mixing stop automatically?

The SDK supports mixed single stream. In the current scenario, the mixed stream task will automatically retry to pull the disconnected stream for 90 seconds (the disconnected stream screen stays at the last frame), and will not retry after 90 seconds. You need to manually call stopMixerTask method to stop the mixed stream task.

2. How to pass mixed stream name information between different users?

ZegoExpress SDK provides the following two methods:

Note: Users can also use their own signaling service to send and receive mixed stream name information.

3. When mixing streams, how to make the single stream that was pushed to the CDN continue to exist?

It is recommended to push the stream to ZEGO Lianmai server at the beginning, and then pass addPublishCdnUrl method adds retweets to the specified CDN address. Since ZEGO pulls the low-latency stream from the Lianmai server for mixed streaming, it will not interfere with the previously existing single stream, so in this scenario, as long as the stream is not stopped, the stream forwarded to the CDN will always exist.

4. In a pure audio scene, what should I do if I want to display a background image in a mixed stream?

In pure audio scenarios, the mixed stream does not support background images by default. If you want to display the background image, you need special configuration in the ZEGO background. Because this configuration needs to consider the traffic generated by the transmission of the background image, a certain amount of mixed flow fee is added. Please contact ZEGO technical support for consultation.

5. When the sound wave function is turned on during mixing, the screen will be black on some browsers when using "flv.js" to pull the stream?

Soundwave "soundLevel" is turned on during mixing, and soundwave uses "SEI", which is not compatible with some browsers. Please set the parameter "withSoundLevel" to "false" to turn off the sound mixing function.

6. Using the server-side muxing API, what is the function of the "seq" value in the start muxing interface?
  • In the test environment, the "seq" value does not affect the initiation of the mixed flow task.
  • In a formal environment, for mixed streams initiated by the same "id_name", the size of "seq" will be detected. If a request with a smaller "seq" arrives at the server, it will not be executed; for tasks with different "id_name", it will not Compare the size of "seq"; it is recommended to use only one "id_name" to initiate and update the mixed stream.
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