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How to deal with the common errors of Web browsers' console logs?

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Last updated:2021-09-26 15:09

After integrating the Zego Express Web SDK into your Web app, you can debug your code using the console log.

The following table lists common errors and causes in the console log.

Error Cause Solution
WebSocket is closed before the connection is established
The connection between Web app and ZEGO server is closed before the connection is established. 
  • Check the network connection.
  • Check the DNS.
input parm error.roomID must be string
The roomID parameter used for room login is invalid.
Check the parameter, make sure the roomID is in a string format.
Failed to load resource
DNS resolution failed.
Set the DNS server IP address to
publisher already exist
The stream has already been published.
Check whether the streams with the same ID have been published. If yes, you need to call the stopPublishingStream method to stop publishing the stream first.
cmd=login, err_code=1011, err_message=token format error
The token parameter used for room login is invalid.
Make sure the token parameter is in a string format. You need to encrypt the JSON format with Base64 and then pass it to the loginRoom method.
  • cmd=login, err_code=1000000101, err_message=login liveroom request fail"
  • "content":"server error=1000000101"
AppID has expired or the server address is invalid.
Go to  ZEGO Admin Console and check whether the server address is correct. Or contact ZEGO techinical support.
devices detect error: NotReadableError Could not start video source
The browser does not have the media player permission or the media player is being used.
Check whether the web page is allowed to obtain media device information and whether other programs are using the camera device.
https or localhost required
Based on the privacy requirements of the browser security policy, the Web platform requires HTTPS when invoking the camera, which is required by the browser.
Deploy your web app through "localhost" for integration in test environment, but the HTTPS is still required when it goes alive.
Player already exist
The stream has already been played.
Check the business logic code.
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