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  • ZEGO Live
    ZEGO Live is a one-stop product that you can use to build interactive live streaming experiences. You can create single-host, multi-host live streaming sessions.
  • Live Audio Room
    A full-featured solution for building live audio rooms, including interactive live audio streaming, instant messaging, room management, and in-room controls.

Online Education

  • Small Classes
    One teacher teaches multiple students online, replicating the setting of a small-size offline class, with more engaging teacher-student and student-student interactions to improve the quality and efficiency of remote learning.
  • Large Classes
    One teacher teaches tens of thousands of students simultaneously via live video streaming. Students and the teacher can have real-time interaction via voice, video, and group instant messaging chat during the class.

Cooperative Office

  • ZEGO Call
    ZEGO Call let you build high-quality voice and video calls into apps that fit various needs of different scenarios.

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