Super Board
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  • Android : Java
  • Web
  • Introduction
    • Overview
  • Sample code
  • Demo app
  • SDK downloads
  • Quick start
  • Guides
    • Draw
    • Turn pages
    • Zoom in or out
    • Switch a whiteboard
    • Get whiteboard list
  • Tutorials
    • Create and switch between multiple wihteboards
  • Error codes
  • Server API V2

Download the SDK

Last updated:2022-03-28 15:58

Super Board SDK
  • The Super Board SDK needs to be used together with the ZegoExpress-Video SDK (whiteboard feature included), which provides real-time signaling transmission capabilities.
  • The ZegoExpress-Video SDK (whiteboard feature included) has been included in the SDK package you downloaded from this page. You do not need to download it separately.
  • If you have integrated the ZegoExpress-Video SDK, you will need to delete the old SDK package you have downloaded and re-integrate the SDK obtained from this page to avoid the initialization failure caused by the SDK version mismatch.
  • Sample app: For the sample app and how to run the sample code, see Sample app.
  • SDK integration: To integrate the SDK and getting started, see Getting started.
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